S-101 Impact Study Survey of the Maritime Stakeholder Community

Message from the International Hydrographic Bureau

IHB File: S3/8151/TSMAD

S-101 Impact Study Survey of the Maritime Stakeholder Community

IHO Member States

IHO ECDIS Stakeholders (drawn from IHO list of Stakeholders), including:

  • ECDIS Manufacturers
  • ENC Production Software Developers
  • RENCs and VARs
  • Ship Management/Operating Organisations
  • Mariners Representatives

For Information:
Chair, Vice chair TSMAD

13 July 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

  1. The IHO Hydrographic Services and Standards Committee (HSSC), at its 3rd meeting (Monaco, November 2011), tasked its Transfer Maintenance and Applications Development Working Group (TSMAD) to conduct a study to assess the impact of the introduction of S-101 on the various parties likely to be affected. S-101 is the future IHO product specification for ENCs. It is currently under development by TSMAD.
  2. An S-101 impact study is consistent with the requirements of IHO Resolution 2/2007 which, referring to any proposed new standard development being addressed to HSSC, requires that "The Committee should consider the impact on relevant stakeholders when assessing a proposal and planning any subsequent work. This assessment should systematically include a risk and feasibility analysis, and an estimate of the resources needed for the implementation of a new or revised standard or its development, including within Member States Hydrographic Services."
  3. While S-101 will be similar to S-57 in that it is a transfer mechanism for nautical chart data, there are significant differences in its content and structure such that a review and the identification of any potential impacts to the user community during the S-57 to S-101 transition period is essential. The IHO is already working on an open-source data convertor that will translate existing S-57 data – including updates, into S-101 formatted data for use in S-101 compatible ECDIS that will be built in the future. The data converter, which will be made available free-of-charge by the IHO, is intended to address possible concerns that a changeover from S-57 ENC to S-101 ENC might otherwise impose significant additional organisational disruption or expense.
  4. Six survey questionnaires have been developed to obtain feedback from the different parts of the S-101 stakeholder community. The questionnaires are available online as detailed below. Alternatively they can be downloaded as PDF files from the IHO website.
    1. Survey for Hydrographic Offices:
    2. Survey for ECDIS Manufacturers:
    3. Survey for Software Producers:
    4. Survey for RENCs and VARs:
    5. Survey for Ship Owners:
    6. Survey for Mariners:
  5. You are kindly requested to answer the survey questionnaire relevant to your domain. An S-101 information paper that provides a high level overview of S-101 and its potential impact on various stakeholder communities has been posted on the IHO website, in English and French. This will provide useful background information that may help in answering the relevant questionnaire.
  6. Survey questionnaires that are completed off-line should be forwarded to TSMAD (Attn: Ms. Julia Powell Julia.Powell@noaa.gov). These will be added to the online survey results.
  7. Early replies to the survey will be most appreciated as this will enable an interim report to be provided to the 4th meeting of HSSC in late September 2012.

On behalf of the Directing Committee

Yours sincerely,

Robert WARD

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