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Nautical charts

Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS)'s nautical charts help ensure the safe navigation of Canada's waterways. Browse our catalogue of over 2,000 nautical charts using the links below.

Note : Geographical naming authorities are in the process of addressing place names that may be considered offensive. Click here for more information.

Services and information

Purchase charts for navigation

Browse our catalogue and get information on purchasing and downloading navigational charts.

Licence charts for non-navigational use

Our products and data are available through various licensing options to support a wide range of non-navigational activities.

Create a CHS Digital Data Portal account

Set up your GCKey account for access to the data portal to download digital charts and updates.

Download digital charts and data

If you have received a transaction code from a dealer or signed a licence agreement, log into the data portal for product downloads.

Replaced and withdrawn paper charts

List of all cancelled paper charts and their replacements.

Replaced and withdrawn Raster Navigational Charts (RNC-BSB)

List of all cancelled raster navigational charts in the BSB format and their replacements.

Update your nautical charts

We regularly update charts and it is essential that you have the latest updates for safe navigation.

Instructional charts and sample products

We offer 2 charts for instructional purposes and sample chart files in a variety of formats.

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