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CHS NON-NAvigational (CHS NONNA) Bathymetric Data Update and Release

On November 14th, we launched our 2023 CHS-NONNA updates including data from our 2022 survey work. Access the new and improved data on The CHS NONNA Portal.

The CHS NONNA Data Portal provides accessible non-navigational hydrographic data free of charge.


From scientific research to coastal resilience planning and beyond, knowledge of the seafloor is needed for many reasons. The Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) is committed to collecting and sharing quality bathymetric data – the information used to chart our underwater features and their depths. The CHS NONNA Portal is how we share this information for non-navigational purposes.

The CHS NONNA data is available free of charge both to view or download via the CHS NONNA Data Portal. The non-navigational bathymetry products are available to anyone interested in Canada's marine space. Visit the Government of Canada's Open Data site to access the products and provide feedback on how you are using them.


To date, there's been over five million dataset downloads of CHS NONNA data. This data can be used for a variety of non-navigational scientific activities like:

CHS NONNA Version 2023

The latest version of CHS NONNA products allow users to access more CHS NONNA data in easier ways. These changes include:

The future of hydrography is digital and CHS is proud to be leading the way!

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